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RCR Transition Information

The RCR module sponsor the Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research (CMDITR) has reached the end of its 10 year NSF funding cycle. We will be changing the hosting of the modules to the NSF Ethics Core library sponsored by the National Center for Professional Research Ethics. The RCR modules will continue to be free and the exact same functionality will be available.

Due to concerns for privacy, and in order to clean up our records, no existing group accounts or user records will be brought over to the new system. Here are the steps required to continue using the RCR modules. The existing platform was shutdown Sept 1st 2012. Please direct students to the new login on Ethics Core.

Existing Group Leaders:

1) It is your responsibility to download and save an Excel file for your student records using the interface on the old website before Sept 3. This will be your only permanent record of student completion of modules.

Existing and New Group Leaders:

2) Establish a username and profile for yourself through the Ethics Core Website

3) Set up a RCR group for your project

4) Tell your students to set up an Ethics Core account

5) Tell your students to login with your group name and take the tutorials

6) The link to the new home page is

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition please contact
Josh Bishoff Ethics Core